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The advantages of Qpanel panels for interior and exterior

Fast renovation possible

Qpanel is a versatile interior and exterior solution with a durable quality. By using a unique paint system that can be applied to almost any type of plate material, Qpanel is widely applicable and there are many possibilities. If you want a decor of bricks, wooden slats or tiles, this normally requires a long assembly time. Old surfaces must be removed and the new products must be applied one by one. Qpanel uses high-quality prints with the best quality, printed on large wall or furniture panels. This considerably reduces installation time, because large pieces of decor can be installed immediately. The panels can even be placed over existing materials, which makes installation even easier.

Optimal interior experience and exclusive appearance
With the best printers and a Design & Lithography department in-house, you are assured of an optimal interior experience and an exclusive appearance. Decors are printed with exceptional precision and color fastness and integrated between different layers of lacquer. This gives our products an exclusive appearance and there are many possibilities.

Produced to individual order
Every project is different. Each interior and exterior has its own restrictions, wishes and goals. For that reason, Qpanel always produces to individual order. We like to work together to achieve an optimal result for your project.

Possible in any shape or size (from 1 m2!)
Qpanel is used on various types of panel material. Due to the integrated print and unique paint system, the products are easy to process, creating a variety of options for each individual project. We are happy to accept the challenge!

Color stable when used on different panel materials
With our own in-house Design & Lithography department, we can keep our prints colourfast on various plate materials. By using samples we can guarantee and demonstrate color stability.

All decors possible
With your own Qpanel DeQor collection it is easy to choose a decor according to your wishes. We have several prints available immediately. Think of metal surfaces, wooden patterns or tiles. Is not what you are looking for here? We have our own design service to help you create your desired design! You can also choose to send your own decor. We then ensure that it is optimized for the print.

Sustainable application
Qpanel has developed its own unique paint system, which ensures a scratch-resistant, wear-resistant and easy to clean surface. As a result, the material lasts a long time and maintains its quality over the years.

Low maintenance
Qpanel has developed its own unique paint system, which ensures a scratch-resistant, wear-resistant and easy to clean surface. The sheet material may be chemically cleaned and does not require annual maintenance.