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Select a decor for your interior or exterior panels from our collection of decors and designs

We have put together a collection of decors and designs from which you can choose for application to any material. With our DeQor designs, you can, for example, create a wall with the look and feel of a brick wall by placing only a few wall panels, so bricklaying is not necessary, fast, simple and maintenance-friendly.

The designs in the collection can be freely chosen for use on our Qpanel products. We used our Cruse scanner to collect our DeQor collection. With this scanner we have made high-quality scans of natural materials such as stone, concrete, wood, etc. The end result is razor-sharp and has a true-to-life representation of color and texture for an optimal experience.

Is your desired decor not in our collection?

With the help of our Cruse scanner we can scan any design and material, allowing you to have a unique custom decor made. View the possibilities of the scanner, or contact us without obligation. We are happy to discuss the possibilities.