Braided copper strips

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Braided copper conductors print decor for interior and exterior panels

The Qpanel DeQor braided copper strips is characterized by the appearance of copper strips that are woven into a pattern. A backdrop with an industrial and rugged look, a special processing.

Due the expertise in our lithography department, the panels with this print are lifelike. You can create a full copper surface in no time, without the disadvantages that this material entails. Materials such as copper are heavy, difficult to process and cannot be cleaned properly . the sheet material of Qpanel is quick to assemble and is easy to maintain, after the installation.

Application decor print braided copper conductors

This DeQor can be used everywhere, from small washrooms to the decoration of long walls or counters. The easy mounting of our panels makes installation quick and our unique lacquer system makes the panels durable and easy to clean.

  • Colour: Brown, Red
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