Grecco scritto marble

5,00 / st.

Marble decor Grecco scritto for interior and exterior panels

Decor Grecco Scritto marble has all the characteristics of the typical Italian marble. It has a white or beige base color with light to dark veining resembling handwriting, hence the name “Scritto” which means “written” in Italian.

The distinctive veining pattern of Grecco Scritto marble creates a unique and elegant look that is highly sought after. Ideal for creating a luxurious wall, without the hassle of sealing and lugging heavy pieces of marble.

Thanks to the expertise in our lithography department, the panels with the Marble Decor are lifelike. You get the full marble look without the fragility and limited application possibilities of real marble. The simple assembly of our Qpanel Panels makes it possible to cover an entire bathroom wall or shower with this marble look.

Application print decor Grecco scritto Marble

This Marble can be used anywhere. In a shop interior on the toilet and even in the kitchen. The panels are scratch resistant and easy to clean.

  • Colour: Creme, Green, Grey
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