Portasanta Marble

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Marble print Portasanta Marble for interior and exterior panels

The Qpanel DeQor Portasanta Marble, is characterized by the large pattern in this marble look.
The eccentric color is composed of a deep dark yellow with lighter spots. Between the pattern there are natural red and silver lines, which create an exciting play of lines.

Because of the expertise in our lithography department, the panels with the Portasanta Marble Decor are lifelike. You get the full marble look without the weight, fragility and limited application possibilities of real marble. Because of the easy installation of our Qpanel DeQor, it is possible to cover an entire bathroom, wall or shower with this marble look Create the experience you want!

Application print decor Portasanta Marble

DeQor Portasanta Marble can be used everywhere. In the office, in the toilet and even in the kitchen. The panels are scratch resistant, easy to clean and moisture resistant.

  • Colour: Yellow
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