Slate tile

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Stone decor slate for interior and exterior panels

The Qpanel DeQor Slate is characterized by the unique pattern of triangular gray stones. The decor is made up of several concrete stones, of which the digital image has a very high resolution. material razor-sharp and incredibly detailed.

Because of the expertise in our lithography department, the panels with the Slate tile are lifelike. You get the full concrete industrial look without the heavy weight and grit waste. In addition, the Qpanel sheet material is faster to install, because the bricks do not have to be laid piece by piece.

Bricked piece by piece Application print decor gray stone Slate

DeQor Slate can be used anywhere for that natural industrial look in your interior. Compared to using real tiles, the Qpanel panels are easy to clean, quick to assemble and moisture resistant.

  • Colour: Grey
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