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Decor blue Old Dutch vertical tiles for interior panels or wallpaper

The Old Dutch vertical tile decor is inspired by the traditional Dutch tiles and brings a piece of history into your home. The decor is a wonderful addition to any interior and creates a charming and characterful appearance due to the sliding joints.

It is suitable for use on wall panels and wallpaper and can be used in both modern and classic interiors. The blue color scheme gives a calming and serene feeling, making the decor ideal for the bathroom or kitchen, for example. The decor is a timeless and unique decoration option for any interior.

Application decor Old Dutch vertical tiles

This decor can be used anywhere, from the bathroom to the decoration of long walls in a supermarket. Due to the easy assembly of our panels, installation is quick and because of our unique lacquer system, the panels are durable and easy to maintain.

  • Colour: Blue
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