Chestnut crown wood planks

5,00 / st.

Wood decor Chestnut crown wood planks a striking addition to any interior

This decor is composed of pieces of plank carefully arranged in a block pattern, creating a beautiful visual effect. The warm and natural look of the chestnut wood gives a rustic and cozy atmosphere to any room.

The plain cut of the wood provides a lively drawing and beautiful wood grain patterns, giving each piece of plank its own character and charm. The planks seem to fit together like puzzle pieces, so that the decor forms a harmonious whole.

With this decor you bring the warmth and beauty of chestnut wood into your home, without the need for the full planks. It is a sustainable alternative that retains the natural look of wood, while at the same time adding a creative and contemporary element to your interior.

Application wood look decor Chestnut crown wood planks

This decor is ideal for covering walls, furniture or other interior applications. It can transform an accent wall or add a unique element to a room. The decor fits perfectly in both modern and traditional interior styles and can be combined with different color schemes and materials.

  • Colour: Light brown
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