Lacquered end grain wood

5,00 / st.

Wood look decor dark-brown lacquered end grain wood for interior and exterior panels

Lacquered end grain wood is a unique and natural material that is perfect for decorating walls. End grain wood is cut from the ends of wooden beams, revealing the characteristic rings and grain of the wood.

The Qpanel decor lacquered end grain wood has all these characteristics and can be used as a decorative panel on the wall, and is available in several colours. It can be used to make a statement in a room, as an accent wall, or as a backdrop for artwork and photos.

Our panels are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for any interior.

Lacquered end grain wood has a natural look and adds warmth and character to an interior. It can be combined with other materials, such as concrete, steel and glass, to create a modern and contemporary design, or it can be used in more traditional settings to create a rustic and cozy atmosphere.

Application Wood decor Lacquered end grain wood

This DeQor can be used anywhere, from meeting rooms to the decoration of long walls within a boutique. Due to the easy assembly of our panels, installation is quick and because of our unique lacquer system, the panels are durable and easy to maintain.

  • Colour: Dark brown
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