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Scan service

Unique design or decor for interior panels with mega scanner

At Qpanel we use the Cruse Scanner, a large format scanner of the best quality. This Cruse Synchron Table can scan large formats (up to 150x250cm). With Surface Detecting, the texture of the material to be scanned can be recognized, so that a true representation of color and texture can be achieved for an optimal experience. Due to the fixed light source and lens in combination with a moving table with a vacuum system, the Cruse Scanner scans with incredible sharpness and color fidelity.

With this scanner we can make realistic scans that can then be printed on panels. For example, we can scan bricks, wood, tiles or other materials and then turn them into a continuous motif. With just a few plates, a complete wall can be created that has the look of the scanned material (eg a brick wall). Due to the high quality of the scanner, the final designs on the plate material look lifelike and are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. We can print the final scans on all kinds of plate material, which provide more ease of installation and maintenance than the use of actual materials such as bricks or tiles.

Advantages of the Cruse scanner at a glance:

• The Cruse scanner is a high-quality alternative for large format photography.
• High-quality scan quality up to 1600 DPI.
• Parallel scan result: maximum sharpness and 100% parallel scanning of even the largest originals.
• Color management based on ICC profiles ensures unparalleled color fidelity of the scanning work.

Interested in using the Cruse Scanner and Qpanel?

Please feel free to contact us, we are happy to discuss the possibilities.