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Do you have questions about our products, the possible application of Qpanel in your project, ordering a sample or something completely different?
Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Is your answer not included? Please feel free to contact us or send an email to We are happy to help you.

Where can I find information about a product?
• Technical information, properties, applications and other product data can be found on the detail pages under Products.
• The available Qpanel DeQors with their applications can be found under the menu option Design and decor.
• Do you have a design (or file) that you would like to use for your project? No problem! We carry out an extensive quality control and ensure the correct processing of your design.
Which materials can Qpanel be applied to?
We can produce on almost any desired sheet material, provided it has a white grundir, melamine, HPL or plastic top layer. For these panels we use a maximum size of 1500×3050 mm with a maximum thickness of 45 mm.
Can your own panels be supplied?
That is possible! As long as the sheet material is provided with a white grundir, melamine, HPL or plastic top layer and it is flat, clean, dust and grease free.
Are Qpanel panels delivered gross or net?

We can deliver both finishes as desired!

If you choose to receive the sheet material gross, we recommend that you read our technical information]. Here we provide a detailed explanation of how to use the right materials and tools for our Qpanel products.

If you choose to receive the panels net, we will ensure the correct finish and the sheet material can be mounted directly on location.

Is further processing of the plate possible?
We offer further processing of the sheet on request. Do holes need to be drilled? Does a recess need to be cut for a socket? Do you want to cut a shape out of the sheet? Qpanel works closely with external service partners, where these adjustments can be made.
What is the average production time?
After a final agreement, we use a standard production time of 2 to 3 weeks. Should this take longer due to circumstances, we will always discuss this transparently.
Can you also deliver my order?
In consultation we deliver our products at an additional cost. More information can be found under our Delivery conditions.
What is the Qpanel system?
Qpanel is a leading solution for printing on plate material.
We have developed a unique coating system that is leading in the sustainable printing and coating of plate material for interior and exterior. Whether you need wall panels, furniture panels or moisture-resistant sheet material, with our system you are assured of a durable protected panel! The special thing about our printing and coating process is that it can be applied to almost all sheet materials.
What is the 'Qpanel quality'?

A sustainable panel receives our stamp when it is provided with any desired decor and the Qpanel lacquer system. The multiple layers of lacquer ensure that every material is scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and wear-resistant. The lacquer is also dirt-repellent and UV-resistant, so that the sheet material can be used for a long time. There is the option of adding an extra layer of lacquer, which makes the plate antibacterial. This makes a panel suitable for the use of food worktops, for example.

More information about our paint system can be found under the heading Technical information.

Is the color displayed on the screen correct?
The color reproduction of decors and products on a screen is only an approximation of the actual color. This is due to the difference in the color space of screens and that of production machines. In addition, the color reproduction, settings of a monitor and used software can cause a difference in the appearance of images. For this reason, the displayed color values are not binding.
Are the scenery images to scale?
• A decor sample has a scale of 1: 1 on 600 x 600 mm. This will be displayed in a reduced size on the website.
• The original quality of a decor is 300dpi.
• The decors can be produced on 600mm or 1200mm wide panel material. The designs are continuously designed, so that the plates fit together seamlessly.
What if I have my own design, which I would like to produce with the Qpanel system?
§ If you already have your own idea for your interior or exterior panel, Qpanel has various services that can support you in this. Our specialists are ready to create your own unique decor together with you. We look forward to working together!
What quality should my file meet upon delivery?
• If you send in a digital file yourself, it must be delivered with the correct image format and a minimum original resolution of 150 DPI (full size). We will always do a quality check before proceeding to production.
• We prefer to receive your files as a TIF file in RGB color mode, with the ICC profile. Has your file been converted to CMYK already? Do not switch it back to RGB yourself!
• Prefer to submit files as PDF? No problem! We advise you to give us a call, so that we can coordinate everything optimally.
Can my own materialistic decor also be digitized?

Yes, of course! Please contact us to make an appointment and bring all the necessary materials with you. Our Design and Lithography department ensures the correct processing of the products. With our Cruse Scanner we are able to digitize natural materials and / or flat objects truthfully and in a high-quality manner. Of course we are also happy to help you create a graphic print, combine different patterns and colors or create the right composition. If you can think of it, we can make it!

We also offer the possibility to make test panels, so that you can first view the design physically before we proceed to production.

What is a 'Quality sample'?

Qpanel stands for a quality product and we would like to let you experience that. A Quality sample is therefore available on request, so that you can assess this yourself. This is a test panel in A5 format, provided with a decor chosen by us.

A modified sample is always prepared in advance for every new project that goes into production with us. This serves as a reference for the quality that will be delivered. We will not proceed to production unless we have received an agreement as a result of this sample.

Is it a project that is still in a preparatory phase? Then we are happy to think along with you and a specific sample can be made for the project. This test panel is then, by agreement, also the reference sample.

How do I order a Quality sample?

Under the heading Quality sample in our menu you can simply request a decor sample by filling in the form.

Would you rather receive a test panel, made specifically for your project? Then go to the contact form and fill in the application with a description. We will then contact you by telephone as soon as possible so that we can make a project-specific sample.