Interested in Qpanel samples?

Request a Quality Sample or specific Project Sample. Qpanel stands for a quality product and we would like to let you experience this by printing test panels. This way you can immediately physically assess and hold our products.

Our new Quality Sample is now available!
Would you like to assess our Qpanel quality yourself? Which is possible!
Via our Sample request form you can request a test panel which is supplied in A5 format with a decor of our choice. That way you have direct control over our design, material and quality. There is no better way to experience our products!

A specific Project Sample
We offer Project Samples for projects that are still in the preparatory phase. These are test panels with your desired design on the desired material. In this way you can immediately experience what Qpanel can do for your project. By agreement, this sample is also the reference sample.

You always receive a sample
Have you already chosen Qpanel? Super!
We always provide an adjusted sample in advance for every new project that goes into production with us. This serves as a reference for the quality that will be delivered. We will not proceed to production, unless we have received an agreement as a result of this sample!

Request a Quality Sample or specific Project Sample
Via our Sample request form you can easily request a standard Quality Sample with a decor chosen by us. Would you rather receive a test panel, specifically developed and made for your project? Then go to Contact and fill in the request with a description. We will contact you by telephone as soon as possible so that we can make a project-specific test panel.

We are happy to take up the challenge with you!
Feel free to contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.

Team Qpanel