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Cooperation HDM

Introduction Aqua Step Digital Panels

After almost a year of preparation time, the new collection of Aqua Step Digital Panels was introduced last week during the DIY PRO & GARDEN in Kortrijk. Aqua Step Digital offers a wall solution for the shower and bathroom based on a uniquely composed Visual and DesignDecor collection.

HDM is producer of Aqua Step and wanted to introduce its own collection in addition to the standard collection, which was designed, composed and produced by Qpanel. HDM has a wide network of dealers in Belgium and the Netherlands and supplies importers in Europe. The collection will be further expanded in the future.

Properties SPC:

• Incredibly stable quality
• 100% waterproof
• Fire retardant
• Heat and cold resistant
• Applicable for interior and exterior
• No warping, no deformation
• Shrinkage ≤0.002%
• Easy installation
• Equipped with a patented click system

Unique lacquering system

Because of our own unique lacquering system, you are assured of scratch- and wear-resistant, impact resistant and dirt repellent sheet material. More information about our unique lacquering system.

Interested in, or questions about Aqua Step Digital or our other products? Please feel free to contact us!
Team Qpanel

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Qpanel Design Service

Your desired design on an interior panel

Realizing ideas and designs is sometimes a bit more difficult than expected. To get your design from that first sketch to a final product, there are a lot of steps that need to be taken. Many questions will be discussed about quality, colour, applicability, installation, maintenance, delivery times, etc. At Qpanel we therefore offer a Design Service, we are happy to think along with you!

Our design and lithography department has experienced employees who:

• Can design a unique decor.
• Can assess the quality of supplied files and tests.
• Can retouch a chosen decor or design.
• Are able to lithograph the desired color.
• Are able to use the Cruse Scanner for the desired design.

Prefer an easier solution?

Qpanel also has its own collection, which can be used freely on our products.

Our DeQor collection is so extensive that it is impossible to show it completely online. This is because our decors can be easily adapted to the color you want. We have already incorporated a number of examples of this in the collection, but “the sky is the limit”.

Interested in or have questions about the Qpanel Design Service, the DeQor collection and our options? Please feel free to contact us!
Team Qpanel

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Project: Novotel Antwerp

Qpanel Xtra: Artworks as bed back wall

At the request of a major German interior builder, we printed the digital artworks for a hotel project in Antwerp, Belgium. These were provided as decoration on wall positions in 54 hotel rooms. Everything was fully print-ready delivered by the architect.

The production with Qpanel Xtr

This project was fairly easy for us because we only had to make a proposal for the material and the hanging method. To create the desired atmosphere, we chose 6 mm PMMA, where we printed a mirror image on the back with a white and then a black top layer. In this way the image is protected by the glossy front and can be viewed positively. The white layer protects the colors and keeps them bright, so that the black layer can prevent the blind aluminum suspension from showing through. The advantage of this method is that the artwork is very well protected and easy to clean.

Inspired by this project? Questions about other materials that could be used? Please feel free to contact us!
Team Qpanel

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Qpanel thinks in possibilities

The solution for various industries

QQpanel has been active in solutions for interior and exterior decoration for more than 10 years. For interior, think of Qpanel BasiQ, CliQ, WetWall and Xtra with applications such as wall, furniture, ceiling or door cladding. The exterior system for outdoor applications such as facade cladding, signage and information boards. We offer various options for every industry. For this we have set up a special page on our website. You can also view our projects, filter by industry and thus view a large part of our solutions.

Even if your sector is not in our overview, we can help. A large part of the solutions is not industry specific.

Attention to projects

A project gets the attention it deserves with us. We like to think along with you to achieve the best solution. This starts with the quotation, where the choice of materials is made. In addition, we assess supplied dimensional drawings and production files for quality and feasibility. Ultimately, you will always receive a digital proof or physical sample for assessment before production. We try to unburden you as much as possible.

Don’t you have a design yet or do you need help making a decor/visual? We can also help with that. For example with our DeQor collection or design service.

The DeQor collection

To create our DeQor collection, we have among other things, used our Cruse flatbed scanner. With this scanner we have made high-quality scans of various natural materials such as stone, metal, tiles, wood and textiles. The end result is razor sharp and has a true representation of the color and texture. This gives an optimal experience of the material.

In addition, we have developed a technique that enables us to make our designs “seamless” and/or continuous, so that the decor continues when the plates are connected to each other. In part of the collection, the repetition in the pattern has been kept to a minimum for an even better and truthful experience. The quality is even 300 dpi in full size, the standard in the printing world!

Our collection may be used freely on our Qpanel products.

Interested or having questions about our products and services? Please feel free to contact us!
Team Qpanel

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Finishing options Qpanel

Qpanel panels finished as payment terminal back wall

Business and professional, with the right experience. Qpanel takes care of the processing of your corporate identity and the right appearance for the application.

For several years now, we have been able to produce various wall positions for the Belgian post in collaboration with the interior builder. Due to the installation of a new type of payment terminals, the need arose for two types of rear wall solutions, developed by the interior builder. They asked for completely finished wall panels, which we were happy to provide. The files were prepared for production, it was important that the correct color and milling shape were used. After the final production files had been approved, the wall panels were produced ready-made and delivered to size. After delivery, the sheet material could be mounted immediately.

Unique lacquer system for long-term use

Due to the unique Qpanel coating system, all sheet material is scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and easy to keep clean.

More information about our unique coating system.

Finishing options

As with this customer, we are increasingly being asked to supply fully finished interior parts. So operations such as sawing, contour milling, fitted with ABS tape, hook laths and shadow laths are realized in-house, or in collaboration with external specialists, depending on the volumes.

Also looking for personalized, completely finished interior panels? Please feel free to contact us!
Team Qpanel

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Qpanel Scan service

Cruse flatbed scanner digitizes your (natural) materials

Without the Qpanel scan service, we could not have realized some of our projects, simply because digital files are not available for many materials! However, the interior designer has countless reasons to opt for an alternative solution to the real material. These are costs, availability, assembly speed or when a decor should be combined with a marketing message, for example.

A good example is the use of laths as a wall finish which, in addition to the cost of the wood, is also very time consuming to install to fix the often uneven laths to large panels. Produced Qpanel panels offer easy installation while preserving the experience of real tile slats. An added benefit of a good cleaning!

Unique interior design or decor with mega scanner

At Qpanel we use the Cruse scanner, a large format scanner of the highest quality. This Cruse Synchron Table can scan large formats (up to 150 x 250 cm). With Surface Detecting, the texture of the material to be scanned can be recognized, so that a true representation of color and texture can be achieved for an optimal experience. Due to the fixed light source and lens combined with a moving stage equipped with a vacuum system, the Cruse scanner scans with incredible sharpness and color fidelity.

With this scanner we can create realistic scans that can then be printed on plates. For example, we can scan brick, wood, tile or any other material to create a continuous motif. For example, a complete wall that has the appearance of the scanned material (e.g. a brick wall) can be created with just a few panels. Due to the high quality of the scanner, the final designs on the sheet material look lifelike and almost indistinguishable from the original. We can print the final scans onto all types of sheet materials, making installation and maintenance easier than using actual materials such as brick or tile.

Unique coating system

The wall panels are finished with the unique Qpanel coating system, which makes them scratch-resistant and easy to clean. The ideal formula for walls in everyday use!

Do you recognize the above problem and do you have projects where this applies? You are welcome to contact us!
Team Qpanel

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Product: Qpanel Xtra Wallpaper

Qpanel Xtra products for a uniform interior

Qpanel Xtra Prints is, as the name suggests, just that little bit extra! With our Xtra collection you can design an interior project completely according to your wishes and we ensure a uniform whole. Because in addition to our range of panels and sheet material, we offer additional printed interior applications, such as wallpaper, floor film, vinyl stickers, window lettering, window stickers or customizable whiteboard and magnetic walls. All products are designed and produced in-house.

Unique Qpanel DeQor collection can also be used on wallpaper

We have developed a collection of decors and designs. With our DeQors, you can, for example, create a wall with the look and feel of a brick wall by placing only a few wall panels, so no bricklaying is necessary. Fast, simple and maintenance-friendly.

The designs from the collection may be freely chosen to be used on our Qpanel products. To collect our DeQor collection, we have used our Cruse scanner, among other things. With this scanner we have made high-quality scans of, among other things, natural materials such as stone, concrete, wood, etc. The end result is razor-sharp and has a true representation of color and texture for an optimal experience.

Custom wallpaper, development of unique KFC wallpaper

In 2020 we were asked by the architect to develop a wallpaper. This features black and red bowties in a pattern over an existing high-quality wallpaper. To achieve this, we first digitized the wallpaper on our Cruse Scanner, after which our designer made the bowtie pattern continuous and our lithographer fully approximated the color compared to the original wallpaper. The result is produced on washable Qpanel Xtra wallpaper for a sustainable application in KFC restaurants.

Interested or have questions about our products? Please feel free to contact us!
Team Qpanel

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New! New! SPC panels as a WetWall application

Qpanel on Stone Polymere Composite; SPC

In recent years, Qpanel has realized many wetwall projects mainly using composite material. During the Covid19 period, we set ourselves the goal of introducing new materials with properties that better match this high-quality and demanding application. After an intensive search, specification comparison and property test of various materials, SPC emerged as the clear winner.

SPC properties

• Incredibly stable quality
• 100% waterproof
• Fire retardant
• Heat and cold resistant
• Applicable for interior and exterior
• No warping, no deformation
• Shrinkage ≤0.002%
• Easy installation
• Equipped with a patented click system
• Available in 4mm (305 x 2615 mm) and 6 mm (965 x 2615 mm)

Qpanel WetWall the quick and waterproof solution for wet areas

Qpanel WetWall is a perfect alternative to tiles. These are still used as the standard material for the realization of a bathroom and/or shower enclosure. WetWall panels are specially designed for use in wet areas. They are completely waterproof and will last for years.

Qpanel WetWall does not need grouting and requires very little maintenance after installation. The panels can easily be fitted over existing surfaces. This makes installation quick and easy.

Unique lacquer system

With our unique lacquer system, you get scratch and wear-resistant, impact-resistant and dirt-repellent sheet material. These are only positive qualities for a wall in a wet room. More information about our unique lacquer system.

Have your Qpanel WetWall equipped with a unique design

Decorate Qpanel WetWall with one of the designs from our own DeQor collection, a decor designed by our decoration service or your own design. Our design department will be happy to help you create a unique wall with a seamless design.

Are you interested or having questions about our products? Feel free to contact us.
Team Qpanel

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Interested in Qpanel samples?

Request a Quality Sample or specific Project Sample. Qpanel stands for a quality product and we would like to let you experience this by printing test panels. This way you can immediately physically assess and hold our products.

Our new Quality Sample is now available!
Would you like to assess our Qpanel quality yourself? Which is possible!
Via our Sample request form you can request a test panel which is supplied in A5 format with a decor of our choice. That way you have direct control over our design, material and quality. There is no better way to experience our products!

A specific Project Sample
We offer Project Samples for projects that are still in the preparatory phase. These are test panels with your desired design on the desired material. In this way you can immediately experience what Qpanel can do for your project. By agreement, this sample is also the reference sample.

You always receive a sample
Have you already chosen Qpanel? Super!
We always provide an adjusted sample in advance for every new project that goes into production with us. This serves as a reference for the quality that will be delivered. We will not proceed to production, unless we have received an agreement as a result of this sample!

Request a Quality Sample or specific Project Sample
Via our Sample request form you can easily request a standard Quality Sample with a decor chosen by us. Would you rather receive a test panel, specifically developed and made for your project? Then go to Contact and fill in the request with a description. We will contact you by telephone as soon as possible so that we can make a project-specific test panel.

We are happy to take up the challenge with you!
Feel free to contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.

Team Qpanel

Scan materials for your design

With a Cruse Large Format Synchron Table Scanner in-house, we can make lifelike scans of (natural) materials.

Decor scan
In our design center we digitize (mostly natural) materials as a basis for creating digital decors. Our Cruse Scanner is the best choice for large area scanning. With this scanner, any desired texture can be created, resulting in a true-to-life representation of the material for an optimal experience.

Designing, scanning and applying in the interior
High-quality scanning of designs offers designers, interior designers and set builders numerous possibilities. One can get creative with compositions, combining materials and applying patterns. Consider, for example, the use of coffee beans, cut lemons and herbs to create a wall for a catering facility!

Quality Scans
With this scanner we can make realistic scans that can then be printed on panels. For example, we can scan bricks, wood, tiles or other materials and then turn them into a continuous motif. With just a few plates, a complete wall can be created that has the look of the scanned material (eg a brick wall). Due to the high quality of the scanner, the final designs on the plate material look lifelike and are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. We can print the final scans on all kinds of plate material, which provide more ease of installation and maintenance than the use of actual materials such as bricks or tiles.

Advantages of the Cruse scanner at a glance:
• The Cruse scanner is a high-quality alternative for large format photography.
• High-quality scan quality up to 1600 DPI.
• Parallel scan result: maximum sharpness and 100% parallel scanning of even the largest originals.
• Color management based on ICC profiles ensures unparalleled color fidelity of the scanning work.

Interested in using the Cruse Scanner and Qpanel?
Please feel free to contact us, we are happy to discuss the possibilities.

Team Qpanel