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Qpanel Xtra products for a uniform interior

Qpanel Xtra Prints is, as the name suggests, just that little bit extra! With our Xtra collection you can design an interior project completely according to your wishes and we ensure a uniform whole. Because in addition to our range of panels and sheet material, we offer additional printed interior applications, such as wallpaper, floor film, vinyl stickers, window lettering, window stickers or customizable whiteboard and magnetic walls. All products are designed and produced in-house.

Unique Qpanel DeQor collection can also be used on wallpaper

We have developed a collection of decors and designs. With our DeQors, you can, for example, create a wall with the look and feel of a brick wall by placing only a few wall panels, so no bricklaying is necessary. Fast, simple and maintenance-friendly.

The designs from the collection may be freely chosen to be used on our Qpanel products. To collect our DeQor collection, we have used our Cruse scanner, among other things. With this scanner we have made high-quality scans of, among other things, natural materials such as stone, concrete, wood, etc. The end result is razor-sharp and has a true representation of color and texture for an optimal experience.

Custom wallpaper, development of unique KFC wallpaper

In 2020 we were asked by the architect to develop a wallpaper. This features black and red bowties in a pattern over an existing high-quality wallpaper. To achieve this, we first digitized the wallpaper on our Cruse Scanner, after which our designer made the bowtie pattern continuous and our lithographer fully approximated the color compared to the original wallpaper. The result is produced on washable Qpanel Xtra wallpaper for a sustainable application in KFC restaurants.

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