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Printed sheet material for interior and exterior

The Qpanel lacquer system is suitable for almost all types of sheet material, so that we can provide (almost) all materials with a unique design or decor. We print and lacquer standard sheets such as wall and furniture panels, kitchen walls and door panels, but we have also developed our own product line. Because of the multiple layers of lacquer, each product is scratch- and wear-resistant, impact resistant and dirt repellent.

A printed panel is possible from 1 square meter

We can produce the panels in any shape and / or size and an individual order is of course also possible. This offers an unprecedented number of creative possibilities for your interior or exterior. The options are also limitless for the print design, choose a decor from our DeQor collection, let us make a unique design or supply your own design. It is all possible from 1m2. We can guarantee color stability on the various plate materials. Our prints are razor-sharp, giving each design an exclusive look.

Unique lacquering system

Because of our own unique lacquering system, you are assured of scratch- and wear-resistant, impact resistant and dirt repellent sheet material. More information about our unique lacquering system.

Short lead time

Due to our short lead time, we can provide fast production and delivery, also for individual orders!

Are you looking for a special item or is your product not in our list?
Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to discuss the possibilities.