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Qpanel exterior

The most beautiful prints for every exterior design

Qpanel Exterior comes into its own in every exterior. Due to the appearance, versatility, durability and processing of our system, it is the ideal opportunity to personalize the total experience of the company image. We can print on an enormous variety of (plate) materials, the choice of material depends on the application. We are happy to help you make the right choice in material and finish.

“We transform your idea into reality.”

The most beautiful design or decor for every exterior

We are able to facilitate the entire process, from idea to print, in a professional manner. Whether design technical or lithographic, we transform every idea into reality. For the design of the exterior panels it is possible to supply your own design (analog or digital), let us make a design or select an existing image from our own DeQor collection. The chosen image material is prepared by us into a high-quality print file, which will lead to the desired graphic quality.

If you can think of it, we can make it

We have our own design and lithography department, enabling us to create high-quality designs for any application. Thanks to our mega scanner, we are also able to digitize analogue image material of such high quality that it can be reproduced in large format.

Exterior prints possible on various materials

We have a solution for every exterior covering, please contact us to discuss the possibilities! Under the changing requirements for outdoor systems, we are always working on further development of our outdoor system, this also concerns the introduction of new outdoor materials.

Short lead time

Our exterior solutions are available from 1m2. Due to a short lead time, we can provide fast production and delivery, also for individual orders!

Project support

Not quite sure which solution is suitable for your project? We provide suitable samples and offer you control over the final graphic production quality. On request we can also supply samples with your desired decor, please contact us.