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Qpanel BasiQ®

The Qpanel BasiQ collection offers a wide range of interior design applications

Qpanel BasiQ offers a wide choice of applications for interior design, from furniture construction to decorative elements to total wall and ceiling cladding. Basically everything to completely transform an entire space. our various carrier materials, Qpanel can also meet the special requirements for fire safety and use in wet areas.

What sizes and thicknesses can be printed for interior applications?

Qpanel BasiQ uses the usual standard materials within the interior industry. The panels and sheet material can have a maximum size of 3050mm x 1500mm and a maximum thickness of 45mm. It is already possible to order a printed interior panel from 1 square meter.

You can choose from various materials, such as MDF, plywood, etc. View the materials page for a complete overview.

Whatever surface you choose, it can always be provided with a unique design and produced in any shape or size. Think, for example, of wall and furniture panels, door and ceiling panels, kitchen walls and exhibition and exhibition walls. Qpanel provides color stability for applications on the various panel materials, giving each design an exclusive look.

Unique lacquering system

Because of our own unique lacquering system, you are assured of scratch- and wear-resistant, impact resistant and dirt repellent sheet material.

Short lead time

Due to our short lead time, we can provide fast production and delivery, also for individual orders!