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Furniture panels

Qpanel BasiQ furniture panels for the manufacture of custom furniture

Within our BasiQ collection we offer standard furniture panels, with these panels you can easily create unique furniture that fits completely in the house style of your organization. These panels are often used in schools, conference rooms, swimming pools, fast food chains and hotels. Due to the flawless finish and the countless possibilities for the design, but also the fact that the plates are low maintenance and very easy to clean, means that more and more companies apply our interior solution.

Qpanel BasiQ furniture panels are made of sheet material with a maximum size of 3050mm x 1500mm and a maximum thickness of 45mm. For the printed furniture panels you can choose from various materials, such as MDF, plywood, etc. View the materials page for a complete overview,or get advice on the right choice for the application you have in mind.

Whatever surface you choose, it can always be provided with a unique design

Our BasiQ collection can be provided with various designs from our own deQor collection or provide a design. Our design department is happy to help you create a unique furniture panel with a seamless continuous design. We provide Qpanel color stability for applications on different panel materials, giving each design an exclusive look.

Unique lacquering system

Because of our own unique lacquering system, you are assured of scratch- and wear-resistant, impact resistant and dirt repellent plate material. More information about our unique lacquering system.

Short lead time

Due to our short lead time, we can provide fast production and delivery, also for individual orders!