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Qpanel CliQ®

Clicwall for a fast and high-quality renovation and finishing of complete walls

Qpanel Cliq is a patented modular wall system with which a renovation can be realized super-fast. Compared to plasterboard, Qpanel CliQ allows you to finish mounting faster, the panels connect almost seamlessly to each other and all screws are mounted out of sight. Because the wall can be provided with a print of your choice, the wall is immediately ready for use after mounting. The panels do not need to be finished with lacquer, wallpaper or other wall coverings. Your wall will be renovated to the latest interior trends within a day, without having to spend hours on installation.

Thanks to our UV lacquer finish, the panels are very easy to clean and do not discolour from sunlight. The panels are much stronger and more scratch-resistant and therefore last much longer than, for example, personalized wallpaper. In short, a very simple, fast and durable wall solution.

Have the click wall fitted with a unique design or decor of your choice

Qpanel CliQ® clicwall panels can be provided with various designs from our own DeQor collection or provide your own design. With your design you can easily transform the wall into a brick or concrete wall, a wooden slatted wall, or an enchanting forest! Our design department is happy to help you create a unique wall with a seamless continuous design. We provide Qpanel color stability for applications on different panel materials, giving each design an exclusive look.

Unique lacquering system

Because of our own unique lacquering system you are assured of scratch and wear resistant, impact resistant and dirt repellent sheet material. More information about our unique lacquering system.

Short lead time

Due to our short lead time, we can provide fast production and delivery, also for individual orders!

Download the Installation Guide here.