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Magnetic wall

Magnetic walls with personalized design

When you are looking for a magnetic wall, you will often find boring white stickers or magnetic boards. At Qpanel you can transform an entire wall into a personalized magnetic wall. We make this possible with our special wall panels. wall panels can be mounted seamlessly and can be placed filling the wall. By using the entire wall as a magnetic board you can easily hang photos or working drawings, hang notes structurally in plain sight or realize an entire year plan functionally on the wall. Ideal for use in the office, waiting areas , in schools and in public buildings The Qpanel magnetic wall is optionally also available with an extra whiteboard functionality.

The Qpanel Xtra magnetic walls can be provided with a unique design or decor of your choice

Have your Qpanel Xtra magnetic wall fitted with a design from our own DeQor collection or supply your own design to allow the wall to blend into the interior design. Our design department is happy to help you create a unique interior, completely in line with the house style or intended appearance. With us you are assured of a seamless continuous wall!

Interested in a unique magnetic wall?

Please feel free to contact us, we are happy to discuss the possibilities.

Short lead time

Due to our short lead time, we can provide fast production and delivery!