Project: Novotel Antwerp

Qpanel Xtra: Artworks as bed back wall

At the request of a major German interior builder, we printed the digital artworks for a hotel project in Antwerp, Belgium. These were provided as decoration on wall positions in 54 hotel rooms. Everything was fully print-ready delivered by the architect.

The production with Qpanel Xtr

This project was fairly easy for us because we only had to make a proposal for the material and the hanging method. To create the desired atmosphere, we chose 6 mm PMMA, where we printed a mirror image on the back with a white and then a black top layer. In this way the image is protected by the glossy front and can be viewed positively. The white layer protects the colors and keeps them bright, so that the black layer can prevent the blind aluminum suspension from showing through. The advantage of this method is that the artwork is very well protected and easy to clean.

Inspired by this project? Questions about other materials that could be used? Please feel free to contact us!
Team Qpanel

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