7 Continenten

Furniture panels with your own design for a 180m long buffet counter

For the restaurant de 7 Continenten, the interior architecture firm Art2Go designed, realized and supervised the entire interior. The restaurant has an All You Can Eat concept, with 1200 seats. A separate seating area has been created for each continent, which completely fits the style of that specific continent. In the center of the restaurant, 7 buffets have been realized, which have been given striking graphic patterns. This graphic design was designed by Art2Go. and the final 180 meter running buffet was produced by Qpanel.

For the realization of the counters we used Qpanel BasiQ, in combination with the design of Art2Go. In a short time we were able to produce samples for this project from their own design, so that the choice could be made in a short time for the right color and atmosphere.

Unique lacquer system for long-term use

After printing, the furniture panels are treated with the unique Qpanel lacquer system. This makes the panels easy to clean and more resistant to wear than when using wallpaper or standard MDF panels.