AH supermarket

Qpanel CliQ with a continuous and seamless design of black and white tiles

This nationally known wholesaler has various store positions in its supermarket concept where tiles are used; the bakery, regional specialties and the fresh juice department. In renovations, the tiling for these positions was always time-consuming. We have digitized the original tiles using our Cruse scanner and converted them into digital production files, in such a way that the tiles can be produced continuously and seamlessly on the desired plate sizes. With the exception of the pillars, Qpanel CliQ is used for these wall positions, which leads to simple and quick mounting.

Unique coating system for long-term use

The CliQ panels are finished with our own unique coating system, which makes them impact-resistant, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Good properties for use in an establishment where food is handled a lot and hygiene is very important.