B&B Hotel Dusseldorf

Qpanel BasiQ panels at B&B Hotel Dusseldorf

B&B Hotel is a chain of hotels throughout Europe, where you can not only stay overnight but also enjoy breakfast. This chain distinguishes itself by a very high quality in an affordable price range. The interior concept gives the rooms a luxurious look, whereby each hotel is different in terms of experience due to the processing of local images applied as a bed back wall in the hotel rooms and in a wall application for the general areas.

This specific project involved the renovation of 125 rooms and lobby, where we realized the bed rear walls and mood walls with Qpanel BasiQ furniture panels. For this project, the interior builder supplied net panels with ABS, on which our digital print with the Qpanel coating system is provided.

Unique coating system for long-term use

In the hospitality sector you want to radiate the right atmosphere and provide visitors with all the comforts. With the Qpanel products you are assured of an interior with the right experience, including high quality. Due to the unique properties of our lacquer system, you will receive a beautifully personalized Qpanel BasiQ, CliQ and/or Wetwall panel that is scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and easy to clean. Create the experience you want, from a complete entrance to the individual hotel rooms.