Burger King

Printed interior solutions for Burger King

In the branches of Burger King, the Qpanel lacquer system has been applied to the concept design for various interior applications for a number of positions: wall, partition, trash can. Several interior applications were carried out.The aim was to implement the Burger King house style in all chosen materials and designs.

Our design and lithography department has worked hard to extend the corporate identity in all communications. The right colors and the architect’s wishes have been taken into account. The products have all been tailor-made, from stickers to the partition walls. The room dividers are made up of wooden slats from our Qpanel BasiQ furniture and wall panels, on which graphic designs of food are printed. The waste bins feature the Burger King logo and the brick walls have been beautifully designed by citizens and a slogan.

Our experienced employees took care of the installation of the wall foils. As a result, Qpanel has guaranteed a durable and high quality.

Unique lacquering system for long-term use

All panels are provided with the unique Qpanel lacquering system, making them scratch resistant, impact resistant and antibacterial.