Cafe de Bank

Wall panels, window stickers and tables for a complete interior in house style

Cafe de Bank wanted a complete interior in their own house style. Qpanel has been able to make wall panels with a print of white marble and their orange house color on which the logo and name are printed. The walls and the bar are covered with these panels, so that the house style of the cafe can come to the fore. The terrace tables are also provided with the house style colors and the logo. In addition to the Qpanel WetWall panels, the Bank has also used window stickers from Qpanel Xtra, so that the logo is immediately visible from the outside.

Unique lacquer system for long-term use

Because the wall panels are made of WetWall with the Qpanel lacquer system, the products are easier to clean and more resistant to wear than when using wallpaper.