C’est la Vie Motorhomes

Qpanel BasiQ HPL panels in motorhomes

C’est la Vie has been building fully customized bus motorhomes for sale and rental for over 10 years. They are distinguished by the use of solid and high-quality materials. Due to the flexibility in camper interior and camper layout, they can achieve a contemporary look and practical layout.

Qpanel was approached to provide various panels for a motorhome with a print, tailored to the color of the motorhome. This was realized by our design department, where a sample was submitted to the customer for approval. Finally, the images were put together on a large plate and the customer sawed the necessary pieces.

Unique lacquer system for long-term use

Our panels are provided with a unique lacquer system. The multiple layers of lacquer ensure that each material is scratch and wear resistant. The varnish is also dirt-repellent and UV-resistant, so that the sheet material can be used for a long time and is easy to clean.