Coop supermarket

Qpanel CliQ with a continuous and seamless design of bricks and white tiles

Experience, corporate identity and easy to clean. Keywords for the interior of a supermarket, where the rapid flow of customers is central. QPanel is happy to contribute to the appearance, hygiene and convenience of this location.

We were able to realize this product for the interior builder of Coop supermarkets. Qpanel has been given free rein to create a design that fits within the chain’s interior and corporate identity. The choice ultimately fell on square white tiles and bricks. Our lithography department has ensured that the images are razor sharp and run seamlessly. By using our CliQwall system, installation is quick and easy.

Unique lacquer system for long-term use

The wall panels are finished with our own lacquer system, making them impact resistant, scratch resistant and easy to clean. Good properties for use within an establishment where a lot of food is handled.