Hotel Jann von Norderney

Qpanel BasiQ wall panels for dining room

Ambient wall visuals are often used to enhance the experience or appearance of a concept.

For this hotel project on the German North Sea island of Norderney, we helped realize a number of wall positions with the interior builder. The concept had already been supplied by the architect.

We often experience that concept designers do not sufficiently realize that scale drawings with visuals must ultimately be converted into actual formats to be produced. Of course, taking into account that quality and throughput must be guaranteed. The supplied file was not usable in the supplied format, after which our team had to adjust and enlarge this file. The working drawings also had to be made appropriate, since there were columns behind the visual that were covered with it and a continuous print was desired. Digital working drawings, with division per panel, have been sent for approval together with the production sample.

Unique coating system for long-term use

Because of our own unique coating system, you are also assured of scratch- and wear-resistant, impact-resistant and dirt-resistant sheet material.