Ibis hotel

New bed back walls, TV panels and shower panels from Qpanel BasiQ and Wetwall with unique print

For hotel chain IBIS, we have been able to manufacture the bed back walls, television panels and shower panels in various European countries as part of renovation projects. The pattern is made of three separate panels which make continuously visual. By playing with color in the different wall panels, each room has got its own atmosphere.

For the television panels, the Qpanel BasiQ furniture panels were used, on which a graphic design was printed. combination of these furniture and wall panels, the design has become part of the concept of the hotel.

Wetwall composite panels were chosen for the showers. Equipped with our lacquer system, the perfect alternative to tiles.

Unique lacquer system for long-term use

Our own unique lacquering system makes the panels scratch resistant, impact resistant and easy to clean. This makes the panels durable and extremely suitable for use in the hospitality industry.