Luxury loft Maastricht

Qpanel CliQ with a continuous and seamless design of rusted copper with an organic pattern

The Sphinxkwartier is a former industrial area in the center of Maastricht, where the glass and pottery factories of the Royal Sphinx were located until 2006. Almost all factory buildings, including the imposing Eifel building of 33,500 square meters, are national monuments. Since 2017, this quarter has a completely new destination where people not only work, but also live and live.

Qpanel was approached by the owners of one of the lofts to design a copper wall decor for the dining room within the created industrial Living, dining and bedroom concept, where the kitchen is central. A challenge was to develop a continuous decor for the more than 9 meters long wall, in which two blind doors had to be provided. Technically, this had to be carried out into a completely seamless and continuous wall.

For the bedroom wall we took an original photo of the former production environment of the Royal Sphinx and enlarged it to wall size and produced it on Qpanel Xtra washable wallpaper.

Unique lacquer system for long-term use

The wall panels are finished with our own lacquer system, which makes them impact-resistant, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Good properties for use in a kitchen area where food is handled.