Mall Wereldhave

With printed wall panels for wet areas, the toilet areas got a new look

During the renovation of the toilet groups in the Wereldhave shopping center near Schiphol, there was a need for sustainable visuals with ‘green’ images. specialists in the Design and Lithography department have assessed these on quality and where necessary replaced by better ones to achieve a good result. For the customer the final quality was of great importance. A sample at production level allowed the customer to approve production .

We have printed the final photos of life-size plants on our Qpanel WetWall panels, making these images suitable for use in wet areas and therefore extremely suitable for these toilet areas. The panels can be chemically cleaned, which makes maintenance easier.

Unique lacquer system for long-term use

Our own unique lacquer system makes these panels scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and easy to clean. Properties that are highly desirable in rooms with a high flow rate.