Swimmingpool with total interior

District Amsterdam Noord replaced after 40 year old pool for Noorderparkbad. It Noorderparkbad is a sustainable and energy efficient pool with sunbathing area and pool in the Noorderpark. Qpanel has proudly participated in this great project

This a very modern swimming pool complex, the architect created a continuous design for the entire interior.The use of our door panels, furniture panels and partition walls made it possible to extend the architect’s design in a coherent whole throughout the building.

Our lithography and design department ensured that the colors were well matched to the other materials in the complex. On the basis of technical drawings, a separate design has been made for each part, each part being provided with the unique Qpanel lacquering system. The print is integrated in the plate and due to our unique lacquering system, the products of Qpanel are moisture resistant, impact resistant and easy to clean chemically.