Plus Supermarket

Qpanel BasiQ Wall panels as Liquor store back wall

Experience, corporate identity, sustainable and easy to clean. Keywords for the interior of a supermarket, where the rapid flow of customers is central. During renovations, it is important to keep the downtime as low as possible, so that many ready-to-assemble panels are chosen. The acquisition of Coop has expanded this chain to approximately 550 supermarkets in the Netherlands. The old Coop supermarkets will be converted to the Plus concept in the coming period. Some of the Plus supermarkets also have a liquor store section with a personalized back wall. The panels are partly mounted behind display racks, so that composite material with a digital print and our lacquer system has been chosen.

Unique lacquer system for long-term use

Our panels are finished with our own unique lacquer system, which makes them impact-resistant, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Good properties for use in an establishment where a lot of food is handled and hygiene is very important.