Swimming pool

Printed door and wall panels for the entrance and changing rooms of the local swimming pool

BDuring the renovation of a local swimming pool, we were asked to brighten up the entrance of the changing rooms with an atmosphere-enhancing visual. chosen for these nice pictures.

At a location such as this, where there is a high flow of people every day, it is necessary that the doors and partitions do not wear out quickly after frequent use. By using Qpanel BasiQ furniture panels and our own Qpanel WetWall panels, the design is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. The wetwall panels are completely waterproof, we achieve this through the application of our Qpanel lacquer system with which the digital print of the photo is firmly fixed between several layers of lacquer, which makes the plates extremely suitable for use in damp rooms.

After printing various full-size samples, the customer and interior designer could easily make a choice and Qpanel was able to provide the door and wall panels for this dressing room.