University of Maastricht

Unique table tops

The precious book reading room of the Maastricht University Library has been transformed from a traditional library room into a modern multifunctional facility, called THE PARLOUR. The word is derived from the old French word Parloir which refers to the most beautiful room, for speaking with someone or for receiving guests at home.

The university wanted to maintain a permanent link with the library’s old book collection by means of 10 unique designs on tabletops. The compositions designed by Danast Divine Design reflect the university’s international focus with images of expeditions, foreign languages, and faraway places. The academic values ​​are represented by books and the combination symbolizes fantasy and creation of knowledge.

Unique lacquer system for long-term use

The panels are equipped with the unique Qpanel lacquer system, which ensures you of scratch- and wear-resistant, impact-resistant and dirt-resistant sheet material.