Wall living room

Qpanel CliQ wall with unique continuous Qpanel DeQor

We were approached by a customer who had a very specific color and pattern in mind, but was not yet able to make it visible. For such challenges you have come to the right place at Qpanel. With our design service, it soon became clear that only combining color and pattern made the result appear very flat and hard. We then proposed to combine the surfaces with a Qpanel DeQor in the desired color. The result may be there. This wall is now the eye-catcher in the apartment.

Advantages of CliQ wall as a retaining wall

The customer originally had the idea to provide this wall with wallpaper, but also indicated that the wall still had to be updated and a flat screen should also be hung? Qpanel CliQ is the ideal solution for a renovation project, which you can also realize yourself without the help of a professional. An additional advantage is that the cables could be concealed behind the retaining wall.

Unique lacquer system for long-term use

Thanks to the finish with our unique lacquer system, the panels can be cleaned very easily and they do not discolour due to sunlight. The panels are much more scratch-resistant than, for example, personalized wallpaper and therefore last much longer. In short, a very simple, fast and durable wall solution.