Qpanel Design Service

Your desired design on an interior panel

Realizing ideas and designs is sometimes a bit more difficult than expected. To get your design from that first sketch to a final product, there are a lot of steps that need to be taken. Many questions will be discussed about quality, colour, applicability, installation, maintenance, delivery times, etc. At Qpanel we therefore offer a Design Service, we are happy to think along with you!

Our design and lithography department has experienced employees who:

• Can design a unique decor.
• Can assess the quality of supplied files and tests.
• Can retouch a chosen decor or design.
• Are able to lithograph the desired color.
• Are able to use the Cruse Scanner for the desired design.

Prefer an easier solution?

Qpanel also has its own collection, which can be used freely on our products.

Our DeQor collection is so extensive that it is impossible to show it completely online. This is because our decors can be easily adapted to the color you want. We have already incorporated a number of examples of this in the collection, but “the sky is the limit”.

Interested in or have questions about the Qpanel Design Service, the DeQor collection and our options? Please feel free to contact us!
Team Qpanel

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