Qpanel Scan service

Cruse flatbed scanner digitizes your (natural) materials

Without the Qpanel scan service, we could not have realized some of our projects, simply because digital files are not available for many materials! However, the interior designer has countless reasons to opt for an alternative solution to the real material. These are costs, availability, assembly speed or when a decor should be combined with a marketing message, for example.

A good example is the use of laths as a wall finish which, in addition to the cost of the wood, is also very time consuming to install to fix the often uneven laths to large panels. Produced Qpanel panels offer easy installation while preserving the experience of real tile slats. An added benefit of a good cleaning!

Unique interior design or decor with mega scanner

At Qpanel we use the Cruse scanner, a large format scanner of the highest quality. This Cruse Synchron Table can scan large formats (up to 150 x 250 cm). With Surface Detecting, the texture of the material to be scanned can be recognized, so that a true representation of color and texture can be achieved for an optimal experience. Due to the fixed light source and lens combined with a moving stage equipped with a vacuum system, the Cruse scanner scans with incredible sharpness and color fidelity.

With this scanner we can create realistic scans that can then be printed on plates. For example, we can scan brick, wood, tile or any other material to create a continuous motif. For example, a complete wall that has the appearance of the scanned material (e.g. a brick wall) can be created with just a few panels. Due to the high quality of the scanner, the final designs on the sheet material look lifelike and almost indistinguishable from the original. We can print the final scans onto all types of sheet materials, making installation and maintenance easier than using actual materials such as brick or tile.

Unique coating system

The wall panels are finished with the unique Qpanel coating system, which makes them scratch-resistant and easy to clean. The ideal formula for walls in everyday use!

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