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QQpanel has been active in solutions for interior and exterior decoration for more than 10 years. For interior, think of Qpanel BasiQ, CliQ, WetWall and Xtra with applications such as wall, furniture, ceiling or door cladding. The exterior system for outdoor applications such as facade cladding, signage and information boards. We offer various options for every industry. For this we have set up a special page on our website. You can also view our projects, filter by industry and thus view a large part of our solutions.

Even if your sector is not in our overview, we can help. A large part of the solutions is not industry specific.

Attention to projects

A project gets the attention it deserves with us. We like to think along with you to achieve the best solution. This starts with the quotation, where the choice of materials is made. In addition, we assess supplied dimensional drawings and production files for quality and feasibility. Ultimately, you will always receive a digital proof or physical sample for assessment before production. We try to unburden you as much as possible.

Don’t you have a design yet or do you need help making a decor/visual? We can also help with that. For example with our DeQor collection or design service.

The DeQor collection

To create our DeQor collection, we have among other things, used our Cruse flatbed scanner. With this scanner we have made high-quality scans of various natural materials such as stone, metal, tiles, wood and textiles. The end result is razor sharp and has a true representation of the color and texture. This gives an optimal experience of the material.

In addition, we have developed a technique that enables us to make our designs “seamless” and/or continuous, so that the decor continues when the plates are connected to each other. In part of the collection, the repetition in the pattern has been kept to a minimum for an even better and truthful experience. The quality is even 300 dpi in full size, the standard in the printing world!

Our collection may be used freely on our Qpanel products.

Interested or having questions about our products and services? Please feel free to contact us!
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