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Printed interior and exterior solutions for healthcare, durable, impact resistant and scratch resistant

A hospital, nursing center or general practice should give the visitor a pleasant and restful feeling. With the Qpanel products, this is possible with an extra hygienic point of view. A (children’s) patient room, the signage in the corridors, special door panels or a waiting room, they can all be adapted to the right experience and functionality. Whether you need wall panels, furniture panels or moisture-resistant sheet material, with our system you are assured of a durable protected panel!

Possible application of Qpanel for healthcare

Within a healthcare institution you would like to calm visitors. This is possible with the right products and an applied design. Consider, for example, brightening up a children’s patient room with drawings on the wall, signage on the floor in the corridors of a hospital or creating a spring atmosphere in the waiting room at the doctor.

It is also possible to provide entire doors with a special design, so that they ‘disappear’ into space. As a result, patients from a dementia ward, for example, cannot find it. With the unique Qpanel lacquer system, we make the products impact resistant, scratch-resistant and antibacterial. This also makes the interior easy to clean, so that it meets the strict requirements within healthcare.

A reception desk, complete wall, floors, tables, doors or cabinets. It is all possible at Qpanel. Our panel material and any accessories are also easy to install, so that the location does not have to be closed for long before the renovation.

Unique lacquer system for long-term use

The multiple lacquer layers ensure that every material is scratch-resistant, impact resistant and wear-resistant. The lacquer is also dirt-repellent and UV-resistant, so that the sheet material can be used for a long time. There is the option of adding an extra layer of lacquer, which makes the plate antibacterial. This makes a panel suitable for the use of reception desks and furniture, for example. More information about our unique lacquer system.

The advantages of printed panels for interior and exterior:

Fast renovation possible;
Optimal interior experience and exclusive appearance;
Produced to individual order;
Possible in any shape or size (from 1 m2!);
Color stable when used on different panel materials;
All decors possible;
Sustainable application;
Low maintenance.

Design & Decor

We can print almost any design on the desired sheet material. For example, graphic patterns or photos, but also surfaces of a certain material (such as wood, stone or metal) we can print very lifelike. Need a little inspiration? Various designs are available in our own DeQor collection, but we can of course also make a custom design or decor.

Are you also looking for a sustainable solution for your business interior or exterior? Then contact us! We are happy to discuss the possibilities.