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SERVICES meeting room

Furniture panels with wood motif print for a customized conference table

Business and professional, with the right experience. Waiting rooms, conference rooms, offices or an entrance hall at your company. Qpanel takes care of the processing of your house style and the right appearance for the application.

Above you see a project for a meeting room that we have been allowed to carry out. The Qpanel BasiQ furniture panels were used, on which a wood motif plus pattern was printed. Our own lithography and design department ensured that the colors were well matched and that the pattern fits seamlessly over the long tables The wood motif, including the pattern supplied by the customer, ensures that the entire design has its own corporate identity.

Due to the special Qpanel lacquer system for HPL plates, the design is enclosed in the different layers of lacquer. This makes them impact resistant, scratch resistant and easy to clean. Ideal for long meetings, laptops and notebooks.

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Are you also looking for a sustainable solution for your business interior or exterior? Then contact us! We are happy to discuss the possibilities.