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Technical information

Qpanel is a unique lacquer system that can be applied to almost any panel material of your choice, as long as the panels have a flat surface

The Qpanel lacquer system

The system consists of several layers of lacquer that are integrated into the plate surface: a primer, a layer of ‘lifetime’ lacquer and a topcoat consisting of double UV hardened acrylic resin. When a design on the plate is chosen, this design is printed between the primer and the layer of ‘lifetime’ lacquer. After the Qpanel system, the print is part of the panel, making the plate extremely durable.

The Qpanel lacquer system was developed in collaboration with a German lacquer manufacturer, whereby tests on properties were carried out according to DIN standards. This has resulted in the following main properties of the Qpanel lacquer system.

Scratch resistant
Wear resistant
Impact resistant
Dirt repellent
UV resistant
Moisture resistant
Chemically cleanable

Topcoat on Qpanel interior panels

Our topcoat has the gloss level matt.

Processing of Qpanel interior panels

A panel including Qpanel lacquer system can be compared to hardwood. We recommend sharp carbide saws and cutters to process the sheet. No material will bounce off a Qpanel panel from the visible side and the panel will not break loose or splinter when the machining is done correctly with the correct tools. Qpanel is not responsible for incorrect processing of the sheet material with unsuitable tools.

Correct saw blades
Trapezoid Tooth/Trapezoid Tooth;
Tooth shape for cutting hard abrasion layers.
Flat tooth/Trapezoid tooth;
Tooth mold for Qpanel machining system.
Alternating tooth with phase;
Tooth mold for Qpanel machining system.
Roof tooth/Hollow tooth;
Tooth shape for very good cutting and edge quality, on top and bottom of the machines without scoring unit.
Hollow tooth with phase;
Tooth shape for very good cutting and edge quality, on top and bottom of the machines without scoring unit. Has a longer life on machines without scoring aggregate.


Drills for plastics are most suitable for drilling a Qpanel panel. These are twist drills with a large chip space. Thanks to their steep point, these can also be used for through holes.

Supplying your own material
At Qpanel there is the possibility to supply your own material. When supplying our own material, we apply the following conditions:
• Delivery on an over-sized pallet, to protect the edges.
• Plates must be flat.
• The surface must be free of grease and dust
• A maximum thickness tolerance of 1 mm
• No damage to the surface

Additional information required?

Do you have any questions after reading the above information? Then contact us! We are happy to help you.