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Qpanel provides a newsletter every month!

Our news
In our monthly newsletter we will keep you updated on new products, our new Decor collection and different kind of projects. Keep in touch with the start, making off and finish of our work. We will take you on a journey through design, production and assembly.

Our Projects
When starting a project, we go through different stages of work.
It all starts with a design! We have our own graphic design apartment with employees dedicated en educated in color management. Whether you choose a design of your own or if you choose a design within our DeQor collection, we will make sure that the image will reflect the right ambiance.

In production we will print and coat a sample for almost every project. With a sample in hand, it’s easy to detect any flaws in the design with a print in hand. After approval the materials will be printed, coated and delivered to your doorstep. Ready to apply.

Every step of the way is documented. Follow our work through our newsletter!

New products
Besides the beautiful projects we get to work on, we always work on improving our own products and techniques. Whenever we have a new and improved product, the readers of our newsletter will be the first to know.

DeQor collection
Our very own decor collection comes with multiple design ideas for every project. You will find different styles and materials, like stone, metal, tiles etc. We made the collection mostly with our Cruse Scanner, which makes every image crystal clear and seamless. This collection is an ongoing project within our company. This means we add more and more designs every time! When you sign up for our newsletter, you will be the first to know about our new DeQor.

Qpanel provides a newsletter every month. Sign up for our newsletter via the footer on our website.

Town hall Weert

The official opening of the new town hall in Weert takes place friday the 27th of June. It is a total design in the area of urban planning and architecture. Busisnesslike, functional, fresh-modern and sustainable. The facility areas at each floor are provided of a specific design by P&P Grafimedia, that had been engineered by an architect. A color gamut was chosen that is in harmony with the surroundings. Afterwards, this design was directly printed on HPL and was provided with a topcoat.